• Work with you directly to establish and meet your management goals
  • Time harvests to minimize rutting and residual damage
  • Maintain a neat and tidy landing
  • Skid roads and landings are graded and seeded at completion of the harvest
  • Follow Best Management Practices to control eroision and protect water quality
  • Find the best buyers for your forest products to maximize revenue
  • Multiple payment options to ensure you get top dollar for your timber

To learn more about harvesting timber in your woodlot, please contact B.T.M. today. It is a pleasure meeting new clients, and the initial consultations are 100% free of charge.

The Berndtson Timber Management Difference:

Buyers of Hardwood and Softwood Timber
In North-Central Pennsylvania

Berndtson Timber Management is always looking for quality timber in north central Pennsylvania. As B.T.M. has grown, we've established a variety of markets for hardwood and softwood logs and low-grade, ensuring you maximum revenue for your timber assets.

Berndtson Timber Management takes pride in conducting a harvest with care, ensuring that quality timber is left for future generations. Whether you would like to carefully harvest saw timber in a small woodlot or need to thin and improve 500 acres, we have the equipment and markets to make it happen.